2017 Call for Papers

Call for Papers
Network Detroit
October 21, 2017
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

The Organizing Committee of the Network Detroit Conference – a conference on the Digital Humanities – invites proposals for “lightning talks” on any digital project.

This year’s Network Detroit meeting continues to explore the 2016 theme of “Communities” by explicitly nurturing our own DH community.  Short, 5 minute “lightning talks” provide a low-stakes opportunity to share information about a wide range of projects at any level of completion or technical sophistication.

Many scholars are seizing the possibilities of the digital humanities to increase accessibility to archives, data, and scholarship among a broader public within this country and around the world.  Critical discourse on DH, however, raises important questions about the ethics and politics surrounding our technologies, methodologies, pedagogies, and presentation – questions that often require us to talk about our works in progress and to work collaboratively in achieving project goals.  Because of this, this year’s Network Detroit meeting explicitly seeks to challenge assumptions about a scholarly conference as the place to present conclusions or demonstrate polished expertise.  Instead, we propose to think about this meeting as a “node” – a place to meet up, ask questions, explore possibilities, share information, identify potential partners, and learn.  As the name implies, we hope this node works to connect people to resources, to each other, and to new ideas before projects are finalized.

The committee encourages submissions from faculty and students at all stages of project development.  We also encourage submissions from students and faculty who have worked on any form of digital project in the classroom.  Talks might address issues of technology, methodology, pedagogy, theory, community engagement, collaborative work, community building, and other related topics.

The “lightning talks” will take place in the first part of the day.  The second half of the day will be dedicated to workshops on mapping, data mining, and archiving.  Registration will include a complimentary lunch.  A more detailed agenda and further information will be posted at a later date.

Please submit proposals for lightning talks to networkdetroit at gmail dot com by August 15th, 2017.