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2013 Schedule

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Network Detroit: Digital Humanities Theory and Practice
Friday, September 27, 2013

Plenary: Detroit Heritage Institutions in the Digital Age

Moderator: Melinda Phillips, Lawrence Technological University

Maria Ketcham, Detroit Institute of Arts
Robert Smith, Charles H. Wright Museum
Adam Lovell, Detroit Historical Society
Nardina Mein, The Henry Ford (Slides in Powerpoint Form)

Project Building and DH

Moderator: Jason Barrett, Lawrence Technological University

Rebecca Tegtmeyer, Michigan State University
“Best Practices in Visual Design for DH projects”

William Pannapacker, Hope College
“Cultivating DH in the Liberal Arts Context”

Joan E. Beaudoin, Wayne State University
“Hidden in Plain Sight: Visualizing Collection Holdings” (Slides in PDF Form)

Digital Pedagogy

Moderator: Nawal Abbas, Lawrence Technological University

Nicole Mcleese, Michigan State University
“Collaboration in Digital Pedagogy: A Comparison of Online and Traditional”

Aaron Gulyas, Mott Community College
“MOOCs, Online Learning, and the Place of Community Colleges”

James Schirmer, University of Michigan, Flint

Game Studies

Moderator: Lior Shamir, Lawrence Technological University

Alex Myers, Bellevue University
Skot Deeming, York/Ryerson Universities
Cameron Kunzelman, Georgia State University
“Sketching, Scraping, and Scribbling the Art Game Movement”

David Carter, University of Michigan Ann Arbor Library
“Five Years of the University of Michigan Library’s Computer & Video Game Archive: What We’ve Learned.”

Humanities Computing and Analysis

Moderator: Dave Bindschadler, Lawrence Technological University

Joe George, MCS Student
Lior Shamir, Lawrence Technological University
“Computer-based approaches to music research” 

Lior Shamir, Lawrence Technological University
Rebecca Chung, Ph.D.
Matt Everett, MCS Student
“Computationally classifying literature with frequency analysis and pattern recognition”

Storytelling and Media Convergence in the Detroit Metro Region

Moderator: Jody Gaber, Lawrence Technological University

Carolyn Kraus, and  H. James Gilmore, University of Michigan, Dearborn
“Voices from Detroit”

Tim Kiska, University of Michigan Dearborn
“Data Journalism”

Jennifer Proctor, University of Michigan Dearborn
“Interactive Tools for Media Analysis and Production”

Kim Lacey, Saginaw Valley State University
Derek Risse, Wayne State University
“Hacking the Lens: Presence through Absence”

Digital Humanities on a Budget: Baby Steps with the Next Generation (A Wayne State University Student Roundtable)

Moderator: Matthew Cole, Lawrence Technological University

(Google Doc with links to presentations and other useful material)

Lisa Maruca, Wayne State University
Andrea Silva, Wayne State University
Michelle Shango, Wayne State University
Julia Ann Bozyk, Wayne State University
Melanie Zynel, Wayne State University
Ruth Haller, Wayne State University
R.C. Thorsby, Wayne State University

The Making of Digital Archives

Moderator: Jim Jolly, Lawrence Technological University

Catherine Foley, Director of Digital Library and Archive Projects
American Black Journal Online Archive

Peter Alegi, Director of Digital History Projects and Professor of History
South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid

Andrew Barsom, Ph.D. History student
Slave Biographies: The Atlantic Database Network

Dean Rehberger, Director of Matrix
“Digital repository and publishing with KORA

Barns, Quilts, Architectural Stained Glass in Michigan: University and Community Partnerships in Building and Using Digital Resources

Moderator: Gretchen Weiner, Lawrence Technological University

(Slides in Powerpoint Form)

Mary Worrall, Michigan State University Museum

Marsha MacDowell, MATRIX, Michigan State University

Amanda Sikarski, MATRIX, Michigan State University

Digital Publishing/Voices from Industry

Moderator: Karen Evans, Lawrence Technological University

“Big Data and Digital Archives: Questions for the Humanist”
Jim Draper, Gale/Cengage Learning

Christine Blackwell, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Joel Dorfman, North Point Media

Drew Costakis, Microsoft

Digital Archiving

Moderator: Gary Cocozzoli, Lawrence Technological University

Peter Leonard, Yale University Library
“Ghost Streets of Detroit: Towards an Online Historical Gazetteer of the Motor City”

Arjun Sabharwal, The University of Toledo
“Networked Curation in Virtual Museums: Digital Humanities, History, and Social Media in the Toledo’s Attic Project” (Slides in PDF Form)

Adrienne Aluzzo, Lawrence Technological University
“The Digital Affleck House Project”

Towards a Model of Openness in Digital Cultural Heritage

Ethan Watrall, Michigan State University

Mary E. Marburger Science and Engineering Auditorium

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