Network Detroit 2021!

Dear Network Detroit fans!

We hope everyone receiving this email is safe and well. There is so much to be said about this pandemic year, this year of fighting racial injustice, this year of ugh. And, we know we have been remiss in sending you updates about this year’s Network Detroit conference, which would normally have taken place this coming Friday. In mid-summer, we were considering a virtual conference, but Zoom- and COVID-fatigue hit harder than anticipated. So, we are officially cancelling the 2020 Network Detroit and will return with a lovely rainbow for 2021.

If you’re jonesing for online learning about DH, we’ve seen our colleagues at other institutions put on amazing and free virtual conferences, including MSU’s Global Digital Humanities Symposium, which went virtual within seeming days (; DH2020 has some freely available uploads to HUCommons (; and the Digital Library Federation is offering free registration for all of its sessions, many of which will be of interest to this crowd, during its virtual conference in November (

We hope you might find some interesting topics to explore on these links, and we also encourage you to join the DH Slack ( where we have a low-traffic Michigan-specific DH channel (#dh-michigan). Kristin Mapes at MSU had been kind enough to host monthly DH coffee clatches for that group, but the pandemic took our muster. If you’re interested in participating in those again, and sharing ideas locally or regionally, we’d be happy to jump back in to those informal settings!

Again, we are sorry to not see each and every one of you f2f this year, but we look forward to a 2021 that provides some relief to this constant level of wellness stress and activism, so that we have new ways of being in the world. Take care!

Cheryl Ball, for the Network Detroit team

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