Registration for ND2019 Now Open

We are still putting the final touches on our program, but registration has gone live for Network Detroit 2019!

Registration is free once again this year but we ask you to please register by Monday, September 23rd. Coffee and light refreshments will be served, but lunch will not be provided. Instead, we will be inviting attendees to “lunch-arounds” nearby campus.

Keynote abstract — Access Manifestos

A photo of our keynote speaker, Stephanie Rosen

The way we define and enact access—in the digital humanities, information science, or the cultural heritage fields—is inherently political. Access is already unevenly distributed, and our interventions to improve accessibility always prioritize some vectors of need while reinforcing some other requirements to participate. This tension has been theorized and practiced for decades—in disability activism, studies, and justice. This talk centers that lineage to develop ways of thinking about access as intentional, collaborative, multi-dimensional, and political. Along the way, it offers examples of access manifestos and the raw materials from which we might write our own, as we engage in this conference and in our everyday political work.

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